Insurance Projects

Once the dust settles—often literally, after a fire, water damage or other catastrophe—you as a homeowner are left with a restoration project you didn’t plan and likely haven’t handled before. Contacting your insurance company should be your first step after a calamity that causes significant damage to your home. But working with a reputable restoration construction company is just as critical.

The industry software used by most reputable contractors is called Xactimate. American Remodeling Corp. will prepare and present the initial estimate to your insurance adjuster. Particularly critical in the first phase of restoration, during inspection and assessment, we must prepare a detailed, comprehensive report on the damage, the scope of the work required to restore the home, and a well-defined estimate of the repairs.

Once the insurance issues have been settled, American Remodeling Corp. will then coordinate all aspects of the project, including overseeing labor, ordering and receiving materials and any other details. We can then provide you with the expected timetable for both starting and completing the work.

The end goal after a disaster is to restore your home to its original condition with as little inconvenience as possible, and American Remodeling Corp. will always act with your best interest in mind. Repairing damage is not a project any homeowner would choose, but hiring a trusted contractor to help navigate the process and apply their expertise and experience to restore your home can help make the best of a bad situation.

Did You Know?

Sometimes you’ll hear that you must obtain three estimates before work can go forward, but this is not true. Insurance companies must let you hire a company of your choosing as long as it has the proper licenses and will work for the insurance company’s adjusted figure.